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Welcome to the Molly Blue navigation page for pages 1000-1049. The page numbers on the right will take you to the other Molly navigation pages. The links back to the Carl Miller Poems and Cloudmonet sections are now in the bottom bar.

The comic’s pages are displayed in pairs, as you would see them in a print comic book, except on small screens, where the pages will appear above and below. The page numbers under the icons will take you to the pages indicated.

Molly Blue is an adventure/comedy/romance, set on an Earthlike world with two moons, with at least three species of intelligent life— humans, frogmen, and demons. The humans come in two races, who resemble English and Polynesians. The demons come in a variety of castes. Imps are small, overlords are large. Frogmen also vary in size, but even the oldest are less than chest-high to a grown human.

Our story recently: The first two of five elections for a Loma Island representative in the House of Commons took place in the towns of Ne’ao and Tenna. Both held dance parties to boost turnout. The four mayors all nominated someone who would support Rupert for King, but the chairman was opposed to even having representation in Parliament. The second election put Agatha Bowen far ahead. On the way back to To’e, Molly sensed some terrible trouble, which turned out to be a fight to the death between ninjas and demon imps, on the bank of a river filled with crocodiles.

Molly’s adventure is at present unfinished and ongoing, so new pages should appear fairly often. Slightly larger versions of each page, 660 x 880 pixels, are available through my gallery at the Deviant Art website.

Story, characters, pencils, ink, color, all by Carl Miller, © 2007-2018.
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