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Greetings to all my friends from Deviant ART,, the Ron Stoppable Forum, Middleton High Auditorium, and elsewhere. This page is the center of all the material on my website that relates to the Kim Possible Show, created by Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, most often directed by Steve Loter. All characters from the show belong to the Walt Disney Company.

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If you enjoy these (sometimes illustrated) fanfics, you might enjoy my original comic, Molly Blue, an adventure / comedy / romance comic that has been ongoing at Deviant Art for more than 7 years, and perhaps more conveniently presented here.

Kim Fanfiction

Adventures from Kim and Ron’s Freshman Year of College

1. Africa

This story takes place during the summer between Kim and Ron’s high school graduation and their freshman year of college. This one is, at least in my intention, consistent with both season four and my own earlier stories about their sophomore year. This one’s focused on the Kim/Ron relationship and their humanitarian work. It’s about church volunteers, corrupt third-world officials, and silk underwear. Rated M for what happens when the silk underwear is removed.

Chapter 1.
Chapter 2.
Chapter 3.
Chapter 4.
Chapter 5.
Chapter 6.
Chapter 7.
Chapter 8.
Chapter 9.
Chapter 10.

So far, this is the only freshman year story.

Adventures from Kim and Ron’s Sophomore Year of College

When I wrote these stories, season three and “So the Drama” were the latest “genuine” Kim Possible material, and it looked like there might never be any more.

Connecting the existing season four to these stories isn’t absolutely impossible, but it wouldn’t be super easy for a number of reasons, mostly the different route by which Bob and Mark achieved a Drakken and Shego redemption, the romantic relationship of Felix and Zita (Why didn’t I think of that? It’s so obvious!), and above all, Ron’s adopted sister, Hanna. In the absence of any connecting tales, imagine that Drakken and Shego got jailed by an overzealous prosecutor, that Felix and Zita broke up, and that Hanna actually has a bit part in the two stories that feature Ron’s parents. She’d be about four by this time, assuming she’s two at the time of the adoption.

My version of Kim and Ron have left Middleton to attend Northwest State University, somewhere in western Oregon. By this time, Kim and Ron are engaged, planning to marry when they graduate from college. They’re living in a coed dorm called Mathom House, with two old friends from Middleton, Monique and Felix Renton, as their roommates. Felix is now the pilot of Kim’s mission jet. Bonnie, Tara, and Josh Mankey are going to different colleges; Josh and Tara are engaged. Yori and Hirotaka have graduated from Yamanouchi, and are doing an Asian imitation of pre-romance Kim and Ron. Dr. Director and Will Du are still on the job at Global Justice.

As for the villains, Monkey Fist is up to his usual monkey business. Drakken and Shego are in jail— facing trial after trial for various crimes, going back as far as “So the Drama,” and Hank Perkins is their defense lawyer, inept at defending them, but somewhat better at seizing control of their evil assets. Lars is working for Hank, and when the price is right, so is Duff Killigan. Senior seems to have retired from his life of crime, and Junior is living the life of a young playboy. Fukushima and Sumo Ninja have formed an evil team.

And I've added some characters of my own, as the stories required: Belinda Brockmeyer, the college psychic and psychology major who for a while becomes Felix’s girlfriend; Dr. Paolo Gonzales, the mad herpetologist, who makes giant lizards; Crocodile Jack and Crocodile Kate, cable TV personalities who own a zoo in Queensland; Wanda Hu Khan, a mercenary spy; George Rasp and Steve Wind, two more Global Justice agents who sometimes work with Will Du; Limau and Wikiwaki, the wild geeks from Borneo; and Central Asian Jihad, a shadowy group of terrorists with an appetite for doomsday weapons and the aptitude to try to use them.

1. Big Monkeys

Lord Monkey Fist seems to be studying rare giant mandrills in an African country plagued by corruption and civil war, but Kim and Ron suspect he’s up to something more sinister.

2. Gila Monsters

An illegal immigrant smuggling operation, a theft at Cyrus Bortle’s lab, and a herpetologist’s experiments with lizard growth hormones add up to big trouble for Kim and Ron.

3. Drakken’s Trial

The many crimes of Drew and Sheila Lipsky, also known as Drakken and Shego, have doomed them to either life imprisonment, or life as fugitives. Their defense lawyer, Hank Perkins, may have plans more evil than theirs.

4. Valley of the Monkeys

Monkey Fist is plundering the lost tomb of ancient Egypt's greatest magician, Nefrekepta, with the assistance of baboon ninjas. Felix finds romance with the strangest girl in Mathom House.

5. Ninjas on the River

Fukushima and Sumo Ninja break into a top secret lab in China. Yori and Hirotaka trail them relentlessly, hoping that Kim and Ron will join the pursuit before the evil ninjas slip away.

6. Save the Whales

Drakken and Shego change their appearance to avoid the law, and join Greensleeves to save rare copperbottom whales from a Japanese whaling ship guarded by evil ninjas. Kim, Ron, and Monique do sea turtle conservation for the Crocodile Jack show.

7. Unron

Hank Perkins attempts to get control of the bankrupt energy company, Unron, from his client, Hector Unron. Kim and Ron rescue a pipeline crew caught in an Alaska blizzard. Lars uses diablo robots to steal a cold fusion reactor.

8. A Stoppable Vacation

Kim and Ron come home for Christmas, to discover Ron’s parents took a cruise to Fiji. Wade works up a rescue plan to save their ship from a Central Asian Jihad hijacking.

9. Art Attack

Kim and Ron help Josh and Tara set up an art exhibit. The tweebs are concerned that Kim will embarrass them in front of their girlfriends. Señor Senior Senior steals art from several museums to impress a beautiful French heiress.

This one has lots of pictures, so it’ll take a bit longer to load if you have slow internet.

10. Finals Week

It’s Finals Week at Northwestern State University, not a good time for Kim and Ron to have a mission, but this time it’s Wade’s secret lab getting robbed, and the item stolen, a computer with an encapsulated antimatter chip, could be detonated with the power of a thermonuclear bomb.

11. How Darkness Comes

Global Justice is closing in on Drakken and Shego, not realizing that they themselves are under surveillance by Central Asian Jihad, who plan to use Global Justice equipment and secret Chinese weapons for an attack on America. A three-part story.

Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.

12. Reward

While Kim and Ron are on a mission to rescue a corporate jet with broken landing gear on a rainy night above Seattle, they learn that one of the terrorists they captured in mountains of Central Asia had a big reward on his head.

13. Opening Arguments

Hank Perkins sends Duff Killigan to Taishu Falls to try to recover Drakken's advance cloaking technology. Kim and her mom make plans for her wedding.

14. Circumstantial Evidence

Hank Perkins and Duff Killigan plot to break Lars out of federal prison with the help of an exotic dancer. Kim and Monique shop for a wedding dress.

15. Wedding

Bonnie comes to Kim's bridal shower. Kim and Ron get married.

16. Hotel Tropica

Kim and Ron's honeymoon in Venezuela becomes an unanticipated adventure when a drug lord's henchmen attempt to assassinate them.

17. Orinoco

Kim and Ron's honeymoon in Venezuela continues to be adventurous when they discover giant iguanas in the rain forest.

18. Mind Out Of Time

Part 1: Doing Time. Kim and Ron volunteer for experiments with a prototype telepathy machine and relive their past and future together; a dangerous terrorist escapes from a Chinese prison.

Part 2: Dress Rehearsal. Kim and Ron try to use the telepathy machine to simulate recapturing the escaped terrorist, but get killed over and over.

Part 3: Accelerator. Kim and Ron go to Borneo to find out why Dr. Mekong is building a particle accelerator there, and why his lab is staffed with Central Asian Jihad men, including the escaped prisoner.

19. Shego’s Baby

Shego’s baby daughter, Alicia, is born, but the mother is in a coma. Kim and Belinda bring the telepathy machine to Queensland to try to save her, while Ron, Drakken, and Monique try to foil Wanda Hu and her speedboat pirates. A four-part story.

Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.
Part 4.

This story is also fully illustrated, and may take a bit longer to load if you have slow internet.

Other Stories

Yori and Hirotaka

A love story told in haibun (a mixture of prose and haiku), showing significant moments in the relationship of the ninjas Yori and Hirotaka as it develops over three years, between shortly after “Gorilla Fist” and their marriage, at the time of my story, “Reward,” above.

Kim and Ron Fanart

Most of my Kim fanart was drawn to illustrate my stories, but I do have a few other favorites collected here. There’s also Kim and Ron’s Wedding album, which goes with the Wedding story.

Other Cloudmonet Sites

Cloudmonet’s Deviant Art Gallery

You can look for more miscellaneous Kim fanart here, as well as a lot of other stuff. There’s a section in my gallery devoted to Kim fanart.

Cloudmonet’s Fanfiction site

Contains more or less the same Kim/Ron fanfics as here, but also a couple of Avatar fanfics that aren’t here. Plus, it’s set up for faving, reviewing, and all that.

I used to have links to the KP forums here, but these keep changing or disappearing. They’re not hard to look up, but I don’t update this section very often. Last time was a couple years ago when someone found a mistake in one of the stories, and I fixed it.

It really has been a long time since I was an active part of the KP fan community, and I don’t foresee making much more of this stuff, but I’m preserving what’s here for your enjoyment. This website still gets a lot of KP related traffic!

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