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Antventures Close to Home Contants
Chapter 2. Edge of the Forest
25. We’re all here
26-27.   Searching for aphids, small villain
28-29.Jumping spider
30-31.Lead us to the aphids
32-33.Aphids and isopods
34-35.Seen any other ants?
36-37.Our colony’s trail
38-39.Finding ranchers
40-41.We’re the ranchers
42.Beautiful Polly
Chapter 3. Sudden Danger
43.Scolopendra surprise
44-45.Counterattack and taming
46-47.Riding toward danger
48-49.Forest spider wasp
50-51.Yellow jackets
52-53.Wasp nest, dragonfly pool
54-55.Stalking salamander
56-57.Salamander lunge, wasp meeting
58-59.Biggest wasp, biggest salamander
60-61.All the way home
62-63.The queen pops out
64-65.Now we’re going inside
66.We can do this
Afterward. How These Became This

Story, characters, pencils, ink, color, all by Carl Miller, © 2023.
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