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Antventures Contants
Chapter 4. Night in the Desert
41. Coca Cola Wasp
42-43.   Horned Lizard, Wasp Fight
44-45.Followed by Moonshadow
46-47.The mouse that roared
48-49.Mouse, tarantula
50-51.Pepsi’s plan
54-55.Food for my daughter
56-57.Stolen tarantula
58.Enough for tonight
Chapter 5. No Place Like Home
59.Who goes there
60-61.Honeydew and nectar
62-63.Introducing Pepsi
64-65.Queen Charlotte
Afterward. From 1961 to 2022
Book 2. Antventures Close to Home

Story, characters, pencils, ink, color, all by Carl Miller, © 2022.
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