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Antventures Contants
Chapter 1. Meet the Antventurers
1. Meet Amy and Betty
2-3.Our brilliant careers
4-5.Zoomer Dragonfly
Chapter 2. A Day at the Beach
6-7.Seagull, Amphipods, Isopod
8-9.Seaweed, Willets, Barnacles
10-11.Barnacles, Starfish
12-13.   Starfish, Mussels
14-15.Pearl, Ghost crab
16-17.Spooker the ghost crab
18-19.Dune grass
20.Zoomer tells his tale
Chapter 3. Exploring the Jungle
21.Penelope Thornhopper
22-23.   Evil egg
24-25.Nimble scouts, mydas fly
26-27.Wandering mydas fly
28-29.Isabel and Sardis
30-31.Flying with Mycroft
32-33.Morpho, bird attack
34-35.Magestic Mistress Melissa
36-37.Daring escape
38-39.Cedrick and Pepsi
40.Flying with Pepsi

Story, characters, pencils, ink, color, all by Carl Miller, © 2022.
carlmillerpoems    Molly Blue