Carl Miller poems
page 89

January - June 2012

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Imagine a New Year

The beginning of a new year
is sweeping across America,
time zone by time zone.

I’m not sure when John Lennon’s
radical song, “Imagine,”
became part of the transition
ritual for New York City,
but whoever sings it should
at least get the words right.

John was imagining no heaven,
no hell, no countries, no possessions,
and NO religions. Zero. Nada.

Agree or not, that’s what he sang.
If you don’t agree with his song,
don’t sing it!

Imagine all religions?
Imagine one religion?
These are very different ideas.

If people can do things like this
to a song still easy to hear
in its original recorded form,
what might have happened to the
actual words of someone like
Jesus or Buddha or Lao Tzu?

They’re the kind of people
who were likely to say
something radical or disturbing,
words someone might have changed.

In the beginning was the word,
and the word got replaced
with some other word.

The way that can be spoken of
is not the way.

Day and Night

Warm sunny daytime,
too dry for February,
quiet mist all night.

Spring Storm

At the end of March,
moments of sun, gusts of wind,
rain begins dripping,
sudden darkness, thunder booms,
lighting? No problem!
Everything’s drenched. No fires!
Rain strikes the roof hard
like the rumble of sea waves.
I’m glad I’m inside,
glad to be sheltered by this
comfortable home.


Her head fits perfectly under my hand.
She rubs the sides of her mouth on my fingers.
She purrs and paces in a tight circle
while I stroke her back— fur, muscles, and bones,
her shaggy tail slowly undulating.
This routine can be repeated many times.
Her head fits perfectly under my hand.

copyright © 2012 Carl Miller

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