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Shego’s Baby

Part Three

Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Monique, Felix Renton, Drakken, and Shego are characters from the Kim Possible show, created by Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, owned and copyright by the Walt Disney Company. The story takes place at the end of Kim and Ron’s sophomore year of college, three years after “So the Drama,” and not long after my earlier story, “Mind Out Of Time.” This story 2006 by cloudmonet. This is part three of a four part story.

A small black jet with “KP” monogrammed on the tail fin flew at minimum speed just a few feet above the waves. In the rear of the plane, Ron and Drake were sitting on the stealth bike, which was on the drop hatch, transformed to jetski mode. Monique was standing on the back edge of the drop hatch, wearing water skis and holding a tether. “Ready whenever,” she said.

“You know what to do when Felix drops you?” Ron asked Rufus, his naked molerat, who was watching a safe distance from the hatch.

“Oh yeah,” Rufus squeaked, raising his right front paw in a molerat salute.

“You’re the greatest, li’l buddy,” Ron replied, returning the salute.

“Twenty seconds to drop,” said Felix. “Start the rockets when the hatch drops open. Monique, you lean forward to fall through the hatch right after them.”

“Check,” said Ron. “Hold those grips, Drake. This could be rough.”

“Uh, check,” Drake replied.

“Ready, five, four, three, two, one.”

The hatch doors dropped open. Monique leaned forward to drop as the jetski fell. Ron started the rockets in a split second, with Monique behind and slightly higher. The jetski hit the water running. Monique, however, was not able to get her footing on the water and had to let the tether go.

“We lost Monique,” Drake said, but Ron was already circling back to her.

“I can do it from starting up,” Monique said. “I’m good at waterskiing. I just can’t do it jumping out of a plane.”

“I guess that was Kim level stuntage, or maybe even she couldn’t do it,” said Ron, tossing her the tether. “Not important. I’ll speed up nice and easy.”

The jetski gradually picked up speed, rising out of the water, as Monique rose out of the water on her skis. Ahead were small and large islands, some no more than sandbanks, some steep mountains surrounded by lush jungle.

“Where did our husbands go?” Sheila asked Kim, while little Alicia nursed on her pale breast.

“I’m guessing Ron and Drake went to the cafeteria,” Kim said, reaching into her backpack. “Huh. I’m sure I left the kimmunicator in here.”

“There was an incoming call,” said Belinda. “Ron took it outside.”

Kim looked stunned, and shook her head. “This is trouble. If mission was so urgent that Ron couldn’t wait for me—”

“I’ve got a communicator,” said Sheila.

“Drake’s got yours,” said Kim. “He used it to call me. How about a cell phone?”

Dr. Ruiz reached into her purse. “How about a satellite phone?” she asked, handing it to Kim.

Kim pressed a bunch of buttons. The phone rang. Wade’s face appeared on the screen.

“Uh-oh,” he said.

“Tell me how frantic I have to get,” said Kim.

“I’m sorry. Ron made it sound like it would be late this evening or tomorrow before you’d be free and this is probably a matter of life and death—”

“What’s the mission?”

“Speedboat pirates have taken a cargo ship. The local cops are corrupt, and there’s no coast guard.”

“That doesn’t sound like Australia,” said Kim.

“Indonesia. The pirate captain is Wanda Hu.”

“This is bad,” said Kim.

“Ron was very confident,” said Wade. “He’s with Felix, Monique, and Drake.”

“What?!” exclaimed Sheila.

Alicia looked startled, and then her hands began glowing faintly.

“Watch the baby,” said Kim. “You don’t want to get her upset. She’s got your power.”

Sheila held Alicia’s tiny hands, looking at them carefully. “Oh, wow, yeah, she does.”

“And she doesn’t have a lot of self-control,” said Dr. Ruiz.

Kim looked back at Wade’s face on the satellite phone screen. “So I’m guessing by this time they’re close to their goal and you’re maintaining communicator silence.”


“But you know exactly where they are, right? So get me a ride.”

“Got it,” Wade replied. “Crocodile Kate can get you there.”

“I’m going too,” said Sheila.

“Now wait a minute,” Dr. Ruiz interrupted. “As your physician—”

“Don’t make me blast my way out of here,” Sheila said, standing up. “Here.” She handed baby Alicia to Kim. “Where’s my clothes?”

“Do you really think you’re up to fighting Wanda Hu?” asked Kim.

Sheila bent her right arm upright as if challenging Kim to an arm wrestle.

“All right,” Kim said, handing Alicia to Belinda. “No plasma now,” she told Sheila.

“No worries, mate. I’m saving that for Wanda.”

Kim grasped Sheila’s hand and began pushing on her arm, but Sheila pushed back until both women’s shoulders were trembling with muscle tension.

“I may look out of shape, but I’m not.”

“Okay, I’m convinced,” said Kim.

Ron turned the jetski into another inlet, Drake seated behind him, and Monique trying to steer on her water skis. Ron had to slow down, and Monique got dunked again.

“Yo!” she cried out, treading water, and Ron slowed more and turned around.

“How ’bout I drive and you ski for awhile?” she asked.

“I hear a speedboat motor,” said Drake.

“Snap! There it is!” said Ron, as a fast boat painted with jungle cammo suddenly growled across the mouth of the inlet, throwing up big waves. “We got ’em. Monique, Drake, just act like tourists till the last moment, then fire paintballs on deck. You got the suit powered up, right?”

“In the water?” asked Monique. “You promise I won’t get electrocuted, bro?”

“Not a problem,” said Ron.

“Ooh— kay—” Monique said hesitantly, rubbing each thumb over the opposite wrist while kicking to stay above the choppy water. She swam to the tether and squatted on her skis. “I feel the suit kicking in. I feel great! Bring it on, bro, Super Sister’s gonna kick butt!”

“That’s what I like to hear! Enthusiasm!” Ron called out, but as soon as he rounded the corner to follow the speedboat’s wake, he told Drake, “I sure hope she can control that thing.”

Crocodile Kate’s sports utility monster zipped into the parking lot of the Crazy Koala Motel, with Kim in the passenger seat and Sheila in the back, beside tiny Alicia and Kate’s year old son, Joey, both in car seats. Kim and Sheila opened their doors and Kim unlocked the room. “Oh good,” she said. “Ron’s backpack.”

“What? Won’t he need it?” Sheila asked.

“There’s plenty of gear on the jet for his team,” Kim said, unzipping his pack. “One, two, three hairdryer grappling hook guns, and ah! Saved. Well, okay, it’s only a small squirter, but I think this has the range to do me some good.”

“A squirt gun?”

“Antiexplosive foam reagents, like the paintball rifles we used in the mountains, but less range. Good enough for a boat, maybe.” She pulled out a mission shirt and tossed it to Sheila.


“It’s one of Ron’s. It’s clean isn’t it?”

“Okay.” She turned her back to Kim and changed her green peasant blouse for the black turtleneck. “But I draw the line at cargo pants.”

“I’ve got some nice green ones,” Kim said teasingly, holding up a pair of green Cleo’s cargos from Club Banana. “You’re all black now. You need some green.”

Sheila snatched the green pants from Kim’s hands and held them in front of her while looking in the mirror. “You’re right. I need some green, and I think they’ll make me look thinner.” She took them into the bathroom and came out wearing them. “Well, I couldn’t beat you, so I joined you,” she said with a sigh.

“We’d better go,” said Kim.

“I guess your super suit is on the plane.”

“Yeah. I don’t use it that much. It’s great when it works right.” They locked the room and got back in Crocodile Kate’s vehicle. “You find what you need?” she asked.

“Sorta,” said Kim. “We got hairdryers and squirtguns, but no parasails.”

“Parasails?” asked Kate. “Kim, it’s a seaplane. It lands on water.”

“Yeah, but you don’t wanna land next to a pirate boat with machine guns and maybe cheap Korean lasers.”

“Good point,” said Kate.

A small, tough looking Asian woman wearing a camouflage T-shirt, black jeans, and a baseball cap turned the binoculars toward the jetski that was following their speedboat at a distance.

“Wha’d ya think, Cap’n?” asked the big Asian man with the long, thin mustache standing next to her.

“I know the guy who’s driving,” Wanda Hu replied. “He’s Ron Stoppable. This is trouble. That’s not Kim Possible with him, but some Afro chick wearing her white jumpsuit. They put together a squad to come after us. We don’t know where Possible is. She could drop out of the sky, or be waiting at our lair, or something.”

“This’ll make ’em disappear, one way or another,” the man said, raising his assault rifle and spraying bullets.

“Uh-oh!” said Ron, as a pattern of splashes quickly got closer. He killed the jets, causing the jetski to slam into a wall of water, nearly knocking him off when Drake slammed against his back. Monique of course got dunked again. Ron restarted the jets and circled back to her. “They’re shooting bullets,” he explained.

“Which have longer range than our paintball guns,” said Drake. “How’s this gonna work?”

Ron pulled out the kimmunicator, pressed some buttons, and put it back in his cargo pants pocket. “We’ve got Felix,” he said. “Scootch yourself forward. Monique, take off your skis and try to squeeze behind Drake. Let’s hope this’ll float all three of us.”

Monique wrapped her arms around Drake’s waist and pulled herself as close as she could.

Drake gasped and wheezed, “Lehhh—!”

Monique relaxed her grip. “Oh, sorry, did I squeeze too hard? I forgot I had this thing turned on.”

“—t go,” Drake finished.

“Ya didn’t crack his ribs or something, did you?” Ron asked.

“I’m all right,” said Drake. “Just, uh, be gentle.”

“We’re all on, we’re floating?” Ron asked.

“The jets are half bubbling in the water,” said Monique. “Is that okay?”

“Guess so,” said Ron. As he powered up the jets, the ride was a little bit lower in the water and rougher than usual, but soon they were behind the speedboat again.

“Shoot low this time,” Wanda said. “Aim to miss. Maybe we can lure them close enough to make a kill.”

The pirate aimed his assault rifle short and fired a clip toward the water in front of the pursuing jetski.

“The rest of you, keep watch in all directions, including up!”

“Aye, aye, Cap’n.”

“Set a course for Drowned Man’s Cove,” she called to the man at the wheel.

“We’ll make our stand there.”

“It’s workin’ Cap’n. They’re coming a little closer.”

“Good,” said Wanda, reaching for her holster. Time to get serious.”

“Monique!” Ron said and suddenly turned left toward open water. “Force field!”

“What? How? Oh yeah!” Monique stammered, and a shimmering blue light surrounded her and the jetski just in time for Wanda’s golden plasma blast to bounce off.

“You’re good, Ron,” said Drake.

“Yeah, well, I saw she was aiming something smaller at us, and since the assault rifle was falling short, I figured it had to be— Monique! Force field again!”

Monique activated the blue glow again, and another yellow blast bounced off.

“I also know about how long it takes to build up the blast. It was weaker this time. She’ll probably save her charge for when we board. Yeah, she put it back in the holster.”

“Does it stop bullets, too?” Monique asked.

“Nope. Sorry,” said Ron.

A small propeller plane with an aborigine painting of a crocodile on one side was flying at top speed over Australia’s Northern Territory, heading for the scene of the action somewhere in the lesser Sundas. Kim was sitting beside the pilot, talking to Wade on the plane’s radio, while Sheila and Crocodile Kate sat in the seats with Joey and Alicia in their carriers.

“Why can’t you put me through to Ron?” Kim was pleading.

“I’m getting a ring on both communicators, but no answer,” Wade replied. “I’m guessing from Ron’s location and speed that he’s on the jetski.”

“What about the plane?”

After a moment’s pause, Wade hesitantly said, “The jet just suddenly broke into a dive. I’m hoping this is part of a plan and not the result of a missile strike.”

“Do the pirates have missiles?” asked Kim.

“Cap’n, what’s that?” asked one of the pirates, pointing toward the sun.

There was a twisted vapor trail that stretched some difference, and stopped at the sun.

“It’s her plane!” shouted Wanda, running to the ship’s wheel. “Diving at us from the sun! Well, she’s made it easy for me to aim.” She opened a control panel and stuck an electronic key in the slot. The targeting screen came to life, and a turret on top of the cabin rolled back to reveal a battery of four heat-seeking missiles. “Fire!” she said calmly, her face vacillating between an evil smile and a look of doubt.

“Aw, man, Felix!” Ron exclaimed, watching the small silver missiles rise toward the diving black jet. “Can’t do anything about it— wait, Monique, there’s a way to make the suit give off a blue plasma blast from the gloves, I think.”

“Oh, yeah,” said Monique, stretching her arms on either side of Drake’s head to shoot a double blast of blue plasma toward the missiles.

“You’d think I’d be used to this kind of thing,” Drake said, looking very scared.

Ron ducked forward till his head was bumping the jetski handlebars.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have done that,” said Monique. “I think the missiles hung a yooey!”

They swung around in a broad arc as if following a curved freeway ramp in the sky and started heading straight for the jetski.

Meanwhile, the plane swooped just a few hundred feet over the speedboat, releasing a long double spray of antiexplosive reagents that quickly expanded into a mass of blue foam all over the deck of the boat.

Sputtering and cursing, Wanda started climbing something to get away from the foam, but quickly enough it started melting down into blue goo.

A pirate who was down in the hold staggered out of the cabin, wiping blue goo off his face, saying, “Cap’n, what is this crud?”

“Antiexplosive foam. It gets into everything that’s not sealed tight. There went most of our guns, except my plasma blaster. Get your knives out and put ’em on the captives’ throats, but don’t draw blood yet. We may yet be able to bargain for our freedom.”

Suddenly sounds of commotion came from below.

“I don’t like the sound of that,” said the pirate.

“Okay,” said Wade’s voice on the plane’s radio. “Your jet came out of the dive and leveled off. It’s circling around the atoll. I’m guessing Felix dumped antiexplosive spray.”

“And Ron?”

“On the surface of the water, moving pretty quickly with sudden changes of direction.”

“Somebody must be shooting at him!”

“He’s stopped moving.”

“Oh please, no!”

As Ron hung a sharp turn and killed the jets, the second missile whizzed by to one side, skimmed the water, and skipped the waves a couple times before plunging into the water and blowing up a big splash far enough away to be harmless.

“I hate missiles,” said Ron. “I just hate them.”

“There won’t be any more, right?” Drake asked. “The antiexplosive foam—”

“Yeah. Okay, we know Wanda Hu has a plasma blaster. I’m assuming if they had a plasma cannon or something like that, they would’ve used that against the plane instead of missiles.”

“Right, small arms, plasma, lasers,” said Drake.

“And if Rufus did his bit, we should have the cargo ship crew on our side.”

“It’s all right, Kim,” said Wade’s voice. “Ron’s on the move again. Wait, I got Felix on the line.”

“Put him through,” said Kim.

“I just sprayed the antiexplosive foam,” said Felix’s voice. “They shot missiles, but won’t be able to shoot any more. I don’t want to talk about the mission while it’s happening, but so far, so good.”

“Felix, I’m on my way.”

In the cabin of the speedboat, Wanda was feeding scrambled radio messages through a laptop computer to unscramble them. “So you’re on your way? That means you’re not here. This is looking better for Wanda. Only an hour till dark. After that—”

The commotion in the hold started up again.

“What is going on down there anyway?” Wanda muttered to herself, and climbed down the ladder into the hold, where her pirates were struggling with the cargo ship captain, chief engineer, and captive crewmen, who from the look of things had managed to make themselves somewhat less captive. “Yo! Captives!” she shouted, and for a moment the clamor died down. “You gonna give up, or you wanna fight Captain Hu again?” she asked, pointing her plasma gun at the other captain, who leaped right at her, knocking the gun out of her hand and sending it spinning across the deck.

The fight immediately recommenced. Wanda shouted a fierce battle whoop and flipped the captain toward the gun. “Go ahead, try to get it!” she taunted him, throwing one of his crewmen who tried to get involved back into the fray with her pirates. In seconds, Wanda somehow had the captain in a headlock with the plasma gun pointed at his forehead. “You wanna tell your men to give up, or you wanna vaporized brain?” she asked.

“Aaack aaach ugh!” was all he could manage to say through Wanda’s chokehold.

“Yo! Captives!” Wanda shouted, and everyone looked at her again. “Gonna vaporize this brain if you guys don’t go submissive.”

Up on deck, something went thunk!

“This is getting complicated,” Wanda complained, and punched the captain hard enough to knock him out. “Tie these guys up now,” she said, and dashed up the ladder with her plasma blaster. She looked around and saw a grappling hook clamped onto the railing. She crouched, aimed her blaster over there, and waited.

Meanwhile, below deck, the commotion resumed.

A white gloved hand grabbed the railing, and a tough looking young black woman flipped onto the deck, landing firmly despite the slippery residue of antiexplosive foam. Wanda fired, but her blast bounced off a bluish force field. A helmet flung across the deck knocked the blaster out of her hand, and it slid across the deck toward Monique, who picked it up and threw it over her shoulder into the water. It splashed, then exploded, with enough force to rock the speedboat. Ignoring this, Wanda spun around just as Ron jumped on top of her. Somehow they threw each other to the deck with backbreaking thumps. In moments Wanda was on top of Ron, but strength-enhanced Monique was on top of Wanda.

Monique managed to twist one of Wanda’s arms behind her back. Wanda rolled over to face Monique. Ron, free now, tried to pull Wanda off Monique, who got free enough to give Wanda a good punch in the jaw with her left fist.

Wanda somehow flipped herself to her feet. “You’re strong, Wonder Woman, but you don’t know how to punch.” Wanda made some rapid-fire jabs at Monique, who dodged most of them. Ron lunged at her, but Wanda flipped him to the deck.

“I didn’t have my hands free,” Monique said. Her punch connected, but Wanda grabbed her wrist and flipped her, just as Ron tackled her to the deck again. After a struggle and a bit of rolling, Wanda managed to get free of Ron, and turned to face Monique, who was lunging from another direction.

“Been fun, guys, but the game’s over,” said Wanda. “All hands on deck!” she shouted.

Monique and Ron looked around for the hatch, but saw no one was climbing out. “Looks like your crew has, um, other problems to deal with,” said Ron.

“What do you know about that?” Wanda asked, while grappling with Monique again.

“All part of my plan,” said Ron, hooking his elbow around Wanda’s neck.

With all the commotion on deck and down in the hold, nobody noticed the man in khaki treading water by the stern. He put the wrench back in his pocket, pulled out the submersible cutting laser, straightened his goggles, took a deep breath, and started cutting the hub of the right propeller. The water boiled and hissed where the red hot line moved slowly across the metal.

Drake turned off the laser and bobbed to the surface again, taking another deep breath before diving back to the propeller. Again the water bubbled, the laser hissed, and the slit progressed across the hub.

Somewhere over the straits between Australia and Indonesia, a small propeller plane with an aborigine painting of a crocodile on one side winged its way north northwest as fast as possible.

“I’ve finally got a satellite image of the pirate boat,” said Wade’s voice on the radio. “There’s some kind of fight on deck. I’m enhancing the image. Uh-oh!”

“Uh-oh, what?” demanded Kim.

“Looks like the whole pirate crew just swarmed out of the hold. Ron and Monique flipped a few of them but it’s all over. They got them.”

“And Drake? What about Drake?” Sheila asked, crowding near the radio.

“Not saying anything. One of their guys is in the cabin, decrypting my signal with a laptop. Yeah, you stinking pirate, I’m watching you from a satellite. You wanna listen to something? I got a garage band classic right here for Wanda Hu and her pirate crew, going out with hugs and kisses from Wade.”

And a voice sang,

“I’m breaking rocks in the hot sun,
I fought the law and the law won,
I fought the law and the law won.”

“What? No Motown?” said Kim.

“This is serious,” said Sheila.

“Doesn’t sound too bad to me. Ron and company got them disarmed except for knives and stuff. Drake’s probably disabled the boat. That’s what I’d have him do. My one worry— I just hope Monique didn’t try to use my battle suit, cause if Wanda figures out how it works—”

“You know, I thought of trying to steal that thing, you know, back in the bad old days,” said Sheila. “But I didn’t think it would fit me.”

“What was that?” asked Crocodile Kate.

“Spy versus spy stuff,” said Kim. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Aren’t you both American?”

“I said, don’t worry about it,” Kim repeated, with a bit of an edge in her voice.

“Sorry,” said Kate.

“So where’s the other guy?” Wanda asked Ron. When he didn’t respond, the big pirate punched his face a couple of times.

“I’m countin’ punches,” said Ron. “Better not let the count get too high.”

“Or what?” the pirate replied, rapidly punching Ron’s head like a punching bag. Ron swooned, apparently unconscious.

“If the count gets too high, you knock him out and he can’t talk,” Wanda said, shaking Ron repeatedly to no avail. “Okay, let’s try the other one. Wha’d’you do? Use two whole rolls of gray tape on her wrists?”

“Seemed necessary, Cap’n,” said one of the pirates.

Wanda got right in Monique’s face. “What is your secret, anyway, Wonder Woman?” She squeezed Monique’s biceps, hard. “Don’t feel like so much muscle. And how’d you make that force field?” She turned to the nearby crewmen. “You guys didn’t find some little thing looks like a remote control and not tell me, did you? Cause if any of you did, you better give it to me now!”

“Where would she hide it?” asked one of the crewmen. “There’s one pouch or holster, nothing there, and the suit’s skintight.”

“Then maybe it’s the suit,” Wanda said with an evil grin, reaching for the front zipper.

“Hey!” said Monique.

“Don’t worry, I like boys— at least usually— aw, never mind, you don’t wanna know what Wanda likes. Forget I said anything.” She pulled the zipper down all the way, and one of her crewmen yanked the suit off Monique’s shoulders and partway down her arms, exposing interesting electronics on the inside of the white and blue cloth.

“Yeah, this is it,” said Wanda, cutting through the mass of duct tape and pulling the sleeves and gloves off Monique’s arms and hands. She started struggling, but now the pirates had no trouble holding her arms.

In little time Wanda had the suit completely off Monique, whose Club Banana underwear must sadly remain undescribed.

“Put some clothes on her,” Wanda said. “And keep looking for that other guy. I’m gonna check how tough these tough girl clothes make me.”

“What about the guy I knocked out?”

“What about him?” asked Wanda.

“He’s not there.”

“Oh, for— I bet he’s in my cabin, waiting for me to go in there to change. Heck with that!” Wanda started pulling off her camouflage T-shirt right on deck.

Continued in part 4